Educatext was created to bridge the communication gap that exists between schools and parents.  This app is designed to help parents, teachers and educators teach their kids through technology. Send and share quotes, educational facts, homework reminders and more from our built-in student categories.  Need to know the largest body of water or maybe the 44th President?  It’s all here at your fingertips.

Do Your Children Need Fresh Ideas?

Educatext is a motivational tool and a resource to help your child succeed. Start off by using this resource to motivate and challenge your child to achieve a greater knowledge and understanding of any subject matter.

Educatext is a game changer smartphone application that brings with it opportunities to not only open new inroads into the use of digital technology for the classroom of the future, but to also help improve student performance at the same time. The successful validation of this cutting edge technology will only serve to validate the potential of the smartphone as a vital component of the classroom of tomorrow.

Smartphones and tablets in conjunction with a variety of communication protocols serve to keep the community connected in many different ways. Communication is not only how people communicate and relate, but the term also can be used to characterize the process of information transfer.

Whether you have an Android tablet or the IPAD, Educatext will allow the users to communicate effectively not only on a broad range of grade levels, but through a wide range of subject matter. Educatext includes completely customizable categories that let the user control the study focus. 


If a smartphone is not available, the computer can step right in as your conduit to Educatext.  Simply go to and create your personal profile.  Then, all you need is for your student to complete the task.  With grading scales and progress reports, you can easily track the progress of any student.