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Unique PR, where our approach makes a difference is just what we mean.  We bring to you and your career a unique personal difference.  We believe you’re more than just a client or a fee…you’re a relationship.  UPR is a partnership: It takes your Talent to provide the starting point and our firm to market it and enhance your career.  We can bring your career to the level you have always dreamed.

You dream it, we can create it by:

  • Publicity
  • Media
  • Building of your Celebrity
  • Creating an Image
  • Branding an Image
  • Editorials in established magazines
  • Development of your Celebrity Persona
  • and much more


UPR is a full service public relations firm with offices in Jacksonville, Florida, and, Los Angeles, California.  Founded in 2002, we have built a reputation for excelling at the toughest part of public relations: getting the best for our clients.  UPR has been named the fastest growing PR Boutique in the Los Angeles for the past three years.  UPR provides every client with a focused-plan to reach the right media and the right target audience.  PR is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.  Each business has its own demands and UPR has a specifically skilled team of experienced professionals to match your company or organization's needs.

Teaching Through Technology 

Teaching through technology has become the newest and most innovative way for the academic community to reach youth. Kids are fascinated with the complexity, simplicity, and the overall function of technology…so why not use this to our advantage?

The old-fashioned style of teaching where the teacher just lectures for hours and hours without any visuals, powerpoints, demonstrations, guest speakers, or use of technology, has come to an end. More and more teachers are using overhead projectors, document readers, smart boards, and tablets in order to enhance their lessons. The term technology in the classroom is becoming more popular everyday and has been discussed and featured in the media, ie. US News, Huffington Post, NEA Today.

Using technology as a support for learning has brought education into the 21st century.

Using technology as a support for learning has brought education into the 21st century. It is every teachers and parents dream that their child is the next Bill Gates, and JK Rowling…so what are we waiting for? Let’s jump on this technology train while we still have a chance.

Check out the list below of popular apps that teachers are currently using.

1. Educatext is an educational app created to bridge the communication gap that exists between schools, parents, and students. It is a motivational, informative, and educational tool to help your child succeed by staying on top of the latest information. Start off by using the teach alters to remind your child to study for their upcoming test. Use our app to motivate and challenge your child to achieve a greater knowledge and understanding of any subject matter.

2. Book Creator is only available for iPads, allowing kids to easily create their own iBook by importing images, multimedia, text, and audio. Its simplicity makes it good for kids of all ages. Even though it has been around for quite some time, some educators still call it their number-one tool.

3. Edmodo was founded in Chicago, Illinois, when two school district employees set out to bridge the gap between how students live their lives and how they learn in school, Edmodo was created to bring education into a 21st century environment.

4. Visual Routine is a simple, easy to program visual schedule that helps your autistic or special needs child keep a routine. Routines can be tailored to their needs with audio feedback, and customizable pictures, audio, and text. Instead of carrying around pecs or a laminated schedule, this app will let you have routines preset and then run them to show the child in an easy way what they have to do.

5. Kidblog provides teachers with the tools to help students publish writing safely online. Students exercise digital citizenship within a secure classroom blogging space. Teachers can monitor all activity within their blogging community.

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Contact: Christopher da Silva, Educatext, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Educatext | ½ Educate + ½ Text

Web developer releases app that bridges communication gap between parents, teachers, and students

Los Angeles, CA: Today, Educatext, an educational app that shares homework reminders and subject categories through customized text fields is destined to become the forefront of our educational system.  This app is intended to help parents, teachers, and educators teach their children through technology. Send and share quotes, educational facts, homework reminders, and more from our built-in student categories.

Educatext’s mission is to use technology to bridge communication gaps and overall increase academic performance in schools. Educatext houses a wealth of information such as: math facts, vocabulary development, geography, political quotes, and more.

Educatext’s CEO Christopher da Silva said, “I’m excited to finally introduce our new product to the world.  Educatext is a game changer smartphone application that brings with it opportunities to not only open new inroads into the use of digital technology for the classroom of the future, but to also help improve student performance at the same time. The successful validation of this cutting edge technology will only serve to validate the potential of the smartphone as a vital component of the classroom of tomorrow.”

About Educatext: Educatext is an educational application system based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2011, Educatext is steadily gaining interest from parents, teachers, and school officials through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media avenues. Educatext is scheduled to release their iphone version in December 2015. For more information, visit www.educatext.com.